Flocks of Love

The wings of consciousness flap to the beat of an open heart.
Silent murmurations fill empty spaces with no end and no start.  

Quiet players vibrate in life's symphony, where conductor and orchestra become one.
In the space between our notes, an unseen universe of activity is sung.  

A community emerges with the gentlest of whispers
where the stars are our brothers and the earth our sister.

A sacred space peaks over the horizon where stories past now grow in the light of love.
Our collective roots restored, the buried connections, only felt but not seen from above.

I see you now my flock of love, beneath the earth and in the sky.  
For murmurations only flow and never die.  

Lens of Love

Put the lens of love on your inner glasses.
Watch the world transform before your eyes.

Ocean of Love

The universe is an ocean of love in which you cannot drown.
Don't be afraid to jump in. 

Seed of Love

Gratitude is the most powerful force in the universe.
A seed of love, pollinating the heart.
When met with fertile soil,
fields of flowers shall grow.