Journey of the Sun Dancer

In a land where dark turns to light and light turns to dark,
from where came the first spark?

Endless stars mirror spark within,
where did they begin?

Welcome where chicken becomes egg
and where sun planets grow legs.

Divine light within shall guide each step,
where are you for whom I've wept?

What's so warm around the bend that cannot be seen with eyes?
I need not be seen to be felt so do not cry.

Welcome these inner photons when they unload,
the unseen big bang of love shall then explode. 

Bird Song

Listen to the song of the birds each morning.
It's their voice that brings the sun to the horizon.

Rivers of Compassion

For lifetimes have humanity's tears been trapped in the dividing dungeons of the intellect.

Bonded in the guilt of a subconscious filled with the ghosts of Freud and Darwin.

Landscapes of emotion, the tainted savage instincts of animals, not to be trusted.

Flow free, for before there were minds, there were rivers of the soul.

Rivers, flowing through valleys, plowed by the beat of an open heart.