The Silent Room

12 souls sit in the unbroken circle of consciousness.  All mirrors, perfect reflections of our own inner beauty.

An oasis of non-judgement, a place where only love could flow.

A sacred ground where our teachers before us wielded Gandalf's staff proclaiming to the Balrog that none shall pass.  A meadow where only the peaceful warrior could tread.

The ancient warriors of our past entrusted us their swords of love to slay the demons of old beliefs, rotten and worn, fearing a punishment they will never meet.  

Our hearts opened wide and the garden of mindfulness was revealed.

Every tear, every laugh, every smile the sun, moon, and rain of the unseen universe of emotion.  

Entered strangers that were never strangers because we could feel each others hearts long before our eyes had ever met.

A room that started cold and ended warm shall forever be filled with seeds of love that all who enter shall feel.  A safe haven where trauma became triumph, failure became lessons and fear became courage.

12 butterflies flutter in the meadow, ever suspended in the eternal moment.   The garden now creates its own seeds, weaving love throughout the great tapestry of eternity.