A very special thanks to all my guides along the path.


Dr. Daniel Winkle MD

About me

I am a physician trained in allopathic medicine (MD) that currently resides in Ohio.  I received my medical degree from the University of Toledo College of Medicine and then studied Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at The Ohio State University.  I have always been interested in studying and expanding the promotion of health beyond what is offered with medications.  My interest in PM&R was fueled by the inherently integrative approach to the specialty and its willingness to embrace multiple paths to healing beyond just medication or surgical means.  Recently I have begun studying mind body medicine and I am in the process certification in the area through the Centers for Mind Body Medicine.  This page was inspired by a desire to teach and provide a collection of material that can start to inspire true healing.  

In addition to an interest in medicine and healing I have had an intense interest in philosophy and spirituality which has influenced my approach to healing immensely.  

I have have had the pleasure to volunteer and lead a rehabilitation focused medical mission for Mission of Love.  During our adventure, I was able to learn from the indigenous Mayan people of Guatemala native forms of healing with ancient roots.